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Admiraliteitskade 90B
3063 EG Rotterdam


144 Haagdijk
Breda, NB, 4811 TW


Galerie Deelen Art is een toonaangevende galerie in het centrum van Rotterdam. Deelen Art is een laagdrempelige no-nonsense galerie met als motto: Spelen met de werkelijkheid. 
De galerie is gespecialiseerd in hedendaagse kunst met de focus op realisme en heeft een goed oog voor kwaliteit, vakmanschap en traditie. Galerie Deelen Art is gevestigd in Rotterdam.
Bastiaan Deelen staat voor duidelijkheid en transparantie, opereert internationaal en vertegenwoordigt het werk van zijn kunstenaars op alle relevante beurzen.

Eli Dijkers ENG

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Eli Dijkers

Born in 1978, Eli Dijkers graduated at the Academy of Photography in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2012 – after having finished his pharmacy studies and PhD. 

Eli’s photographic work is intuitive, raw, yet alway very connected to people. He finds his subjects in the public space or in their own personal living environment. Eli graduated at the academy of photography with my personal interpretation of the city of Rotterdam entitled ‘Temporal Existence’. In 2013, he was one out of 12 photographers selected to document the city of Rotterdam. He is author of the self-published photo book ‘Enigma’; a confronting series of images about daily life on the streets in India. Eli’s work has been exhibited at various places in the Netherlands, including in the Dutch museum of photography and at a satellite exhibition of Noorderlicht. In December 2013, Eli was fortunate to follow a masterclass by Michael Ackerman, one of his primary sources of inspiration, in Paris. Later on, he participated in a Magnum workshop by photographer Jacob Aue Sobol at Copenhagen. Both of them critically contributed to an in-depth empowerment of his work. A selection of the work produced during this workshop was exhibited at the Copenhagen Photofestival. 

His solo-exhibition at Deelen Art Gallery, was curated by Sun Hee Engelstoft, editor to Jacob Aue Sobol. The grand opening was performed by Jacqueline Portielje from the well-known Dutch artist duo Schilte & Portielje. Eli is a member of the Noise collective, Pictura, 'Dutch Contemporary Photography’

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