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Admiraliteitskade 90B
3063 EG Rotterdam


144 Haagdijk
Breda, NB, 4811 TW


Galerie Deelen Art is een toonaangevende galerie in het centrum van Rotterdam. Deelen Art is een laagdrempelige no-nonsense galerie met als motto: Spelen met de werkelijkheid. 
De galerie is gespecialiseerd in hedendaagse kunst met de focus op realisme en heeft een goed oog voor kwaliteit, vakmanschap en traditie. Galerie Deelen Art is gevestigd in Rotterdam.
Bastiaan Deelen staat voor duidelijkheid en transparantie, opereert internationaal en vertegenwoordigt het werk van zijn kunstenaars op alle relevante beurzen.

Eefje Bouwkamp

More information about Eefje Bouwkamp. She exposing in the gallery. 

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Eefje Bouwkamp


Eefje Bouwkamp completed her degree at the Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. Eefje is amazed and wonder-struck by the authenticity of nature and the human desire for an Arcadian landscape. The apparent harmony of symmetry plays an important role. She considers her work to be constructed copies of reality, carefully constructed imaginative worlds from pieces of paper in which Eefje expresses herself in various ways.

Her art process is a search, a path of fitting and measuring, endless thinking about and looking at her work. It is the so called ‘in between area’ that interests her the most, an area in between dream and reality, heaven and hell, and nature and culture. It is this tension between these elusive aspects that forms the starting point for new works of art. Eefje prefers to work on a grand scale. This requires great technical abilities, as well as, many months of intensive labour.

Eefje has exhibited her art work nationally and internationally, amongst others at: Amstel Gallery Amsterdam, Galerie Bart in Nijmegen and Amsterdam, Highculture Galerie during the TEFAF in Maastricht, DRU fabriek in Ulft and at Photoville in New York. In addition, Eefje regularly provides assistance to various art projects in the Netherlands. Her work has been sold to several large institutions and collectors, amongst others: Dela and Arcadis Arnhem and Amsterdam.