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Admiraliteitskade 90B
3063 EG Rotterdam


144 Haagdijk
Breda, NB, 4811 TW


Galerie Deelen Art is een toonaangevende galerie in het centrum van Rotterdam. Deelen Art is een laagdrempelige no-nonsense galerie met als motto: Spelen met de werkelijkheid. 
De galerie is gespecialiseerd in hedendaagse kunst met de focus op realisme en heeft een goed oog voor kwaliteit, vakmanschap en traditie. Galerie Deelen Art is gevestigd in Rotterdam.
Bastiaan Deelen staat voor duidelijkheid en transparantie, opereert internationaal en vertegenwoordigt het werk van zijn kunstenaars op alle relevante beurzen.

Erik Tierolf

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Erik Tierolf


Erik Tierolf completed his degree at the Academy for Fine Art and Design in Enschede. After working in various disciplines it became apparent to Erik that painting was his medium for expression.

Erik has the following saying: “to work is to suffer”

Erik starts his process by making a series of sketches. The canvas, mostly made from linen, has been prepared with plaster in a traditional manner. He then applies a thin layer of egg tempera in the colour ‘burnt sienna’. Erik continues by sketching the composition with charcoal. This basis is then further developed with egg tempera in two different colours followed by working in “impasto”.

The egg tempera is mixed with oil paint and white lead. In the last phase of his work Erik uses oil paint with a mixture of dammar varnish to give it a shine. “To work is to suffer” is a motto that certainly stands out through his choice of materials and technique. Layer by layer each inch of the canvas is produced. Erik prefers to work on a grander scale, which requires technical talent and many hours of hard work.

Erik has exhibited his work in the Netherlands and abroad, amongst others at: Galerie Sulengaarden in Denmark, Elizabeth Foundation for the art in New York, Kunst Rai in Amsterdam, Art Rotterdam, Stedelijk Museum in Alkmaar, the New Dutch Realism exhibition at the Evansville museum in the United States, and he has been a finalist at Sotheby’s Art Link Young Art in 2001.