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Admiraliteitskade 90B
3063 EG Rotterdam


144 Haagdijk
Breda, NB, 4811 TW


Galerie Deelen Art is een toonaangevende galerie in het centrum van Rotterdam. Deelen Art is een laagdrempelige no-nonsense galerie met als motto: Spelen met de werkelijkheid. 
De galerie is gespecialiseerd in hedendaagse kunst met de focus op realisme en heeft een goed oog voor kwaliteit, vakmanschap en traditie. Galerie Deelen Art is gevestigd in Rotterdam.
Bastiaan Deelen staat voor duidelijkheid en transparantie, opereert internationaal en vertegenwoordigt het werk van zijn kunstenaars op alle relevante beurzen.

Rosa Boomsma

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Rosa Boomsma


After studying economics and working my first job as a marketeer, I started taking painting lessons in the evenings (in 2010) at the studio of the artist Solko Schalm in Rotterdam. From that moment on, my dedication, ambition and love for art never stopped growing. A year later I joined a 3-years art program in The Hague (Stadsacamdemie), where I was taught, amonst others, by Mark van Overeem, Vittorio Roerade and Francine Krieg. 

Upon completion in 2014, I contributed to the development of the collective studio and art program 'Art Resort Studios'. Here I received guidance and coaching of Mark van Overeem (A wish to return; GEM 2015). In 2015, I continued making my own work and commissions from my studio at home in Rotterdam. On a technical level, I receive coaching in classical painting techniques at 'Atelier Sint Lucas' in The Hague.

During my training at the Academy, I quickly found out that light, atmosphere and tension were recurring themes in my work. Fueled by the beauty, but also the fear of losing something due to change over time, I try to capture a scene. This is reflected mainly in portraits and so-called human still lives, where the subject is viewed as a curiosity. By simplifying the image and abstracting form I invigorate my own reality, without losing the human dimension.