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Galerie Deelen Art is een toonaangevende galerie in het centrum van Rotterdam. Deelen Art is een laagdrempelige no-nonsense galerie met als motto: Spelen met de werkelijkheid. 
De galerie is gespecialiseerd in hedendaagse kunst met de focus op realisme en heeft een goed oog voor kwaliteit, vakmanschap en traditie. Galerie Deelen Art is gevestigd in Rotterdam.
Bastiaan Deelen staat voor duidelijkheid en transparantie, opereert internationaal en vertegenwoordigt het werk van zijn kunstenaars op alle relevante beurzen.

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Back to Paradise

  • Deelen Art Admitaliteitskade 90b 3063 EG Rotterdam (map)

Open your eyes for the present paradise. Starting September 2, Gallery DeelenArt shows a duo exhibition of artist Lia Laimböck and photographer Paul Cupido. Both artists consider  the quest for life as a central theme.

In her colourful figurative paintings, Lia Laimböck asks questions about the origin of life and the relationship between man and animal. She shows us a world in which man and animal combine against the backdrop of graphic elements. Geometric faces cover the semi-naked models and create in this way a futuristic fashion image. Fantasy-rich details and backgrounds refer to Gustav Klimt's stylized paintings. Like Klimt, Laimböck sometimes use gold leaf to make her works shine.

The origin is the theme that is regularly repeated in her work.. Images, referring to the beginning of life and death. The animal kingdom also has a prominent place in her paintings. The people portrayed are often accompanied by a bird. The Chemical Industry series shows industrial landscapes in which humans and animals try to acquire a place in the world of now. Do they express the desire for the lost paradise, or have they found a current paradise?

During her wanderings around the world, Laimböck found inspiration in the impressive nature, ancient rituals and tropical colours. These different impressions coalesce into  a style in which figurative art is displayed with the realistic precision supplemented by graphic influences of Japanese art.

Japan is also the source of inspiration for the Mu Paul Cupido project. He travelled from Tokyo to Abashiri. Not in order to get to know the country, but to understand the Japanese concept Mu. Mu does not translate well, but comes closest to being "not". Paul sought the acceptance of the finiteness of life, knowing that it starts again and again. In confrontation with himself, he lived with local inhabitants. He climbed an iceberg and photographed at 20 degrees below zero drift ice in Siberia. Talking, laughing, crying and abandoning brought him closer to the resignation of the Japanese cherry blossom symbolism in which old is replaced by  new During his journey, Paul was guided by his feelings and used various means to capture the various impressions using photography , film , audio, drawings and orogami. His silent images, abstractions, preference for still life and black and white use strongly show the influence of Japanese photography.

With this exhibition, DeelenArt challenges the visitor to look at the world  with different eyes.



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